About the GWP Club

The official KC recognised club for the German Wirehaired Pointer in the UK

History of the Club

It was in 1976 when the late Major George Wilkinson called a meeting for GWP enthusiasts to get together with the intention of forming a UK breed club, four years later the Kennel Club recognised the GWPC. The club celebrated it’s official 25th Anniversary year in 2006, since gaining it's KC status.

About A Breed Club

The GWP Club is the only KC recognised breed Club in the UK dedicated to the German Wirehaired Pointer.

It promotes the breed as a ‘fit for function’ hunt, point and retrieve breed of Gundog.

Club Management

The GWP Club is is run entirely by volunteers, elected by the membership or co-opted by the elected Committee, to manage the affairs of the club in the best interests of the breed.

Join the GWPC

The Club welcomes new breed enthusiasts and help and assistance for various events and subject matters.

What We Do

Look after the Breed

The GWPC provides breed specific input into the KC on our Breed Standard.

We manage a number of KC related activities such as maintaining breeder code of conduct policies, running judge education seminars and managing judge accreditations.

Organise Club Events

The GWP Club organises a number of events each year ranging from Shows (Championship & Open), Working Tests and Field Trials.

Support Rescue

The GWPC Rescue is a network of volunteers who do amazing work helping dogs in need, supported by fundraising by the GWP Club.

GWPC Information

This section groups the latest versions of key GWPC documents together that you can download

GWP Club Rules

The latest version of the GWP Club rules (last updated March 2014)

GWP Club Code of Ethics

The latest version of the GWP Club Code of Conduct

GWP Club Judges List

The latest version of the GWP Club Judges List

GWP Club Judges Criteria

Information on the requirements for each grade of GWPO Club Judge List

GWP Club Judges Application

Application for to apply to be added to the GWP Club Judge List

Support the GWP Club and become a member

About The GWP

Key Information about the German Wirehaired Pointer

What is a GWP ?

The German Wirehaired Pointer is a continental, HPR (hunt-point-retrieve) gundog. It is a courageous breed, with a keen nose and protective coat making it a truely versatile gundog.

As an HPR breed, the GWP's primary role is to;

  • Search any type of terrain in front of the hunter (hunt)
  • Locate and stop to indicate game (point)
  • Retrieve injured or dead game that has been shot (retrieve)

It is bred to be capable of hunting before and after the shot in a variety of situations - on land, in the woods and in water - and hunting both small furred and feathered game, through to large quarry such as deer and wild boar.

A natural pointer, the GWP is also an excellent retriever, waterfowl dog and blood tracking dog and of course, intended to be a well adjusted family dog also.

Origins of the Breed

The German Wirehaired Pointer has its origins in the Germany's third most popular breed, the Deutsch Drahthaar.

The Deutsch Drahthaar was developed in the early 1900's a gundog so versatile that a hunter would not need any other dog but also expected to be a loyal, family dog.

The Deutsch Drahthaar was developed by combining four breeds:

  • Deutsch Kurtzhaar (German Shorthaired Pointer)
  • Stichelhaar
  • Pudelpointer
  • Pointing Griffon

The UK German Wirehaired Pointer breed standard is governed by the KC (with input from the GWP Club). It is similar to, but different to, the Deutsch Drahthaar FCI breed standard.

Further Information

If you want to research different breeds of dog and compare to the German Wirehaired Pointer, then the Kennel Club provide some useful information about puppies and dog breeds in general.

KC Guide - German Wirehaired Pointer

The KC breed information centre for the German Wirehaired Pointer.

KC Breed Standard

The official KC breed standard for the German Wirehaired Pointer in the UK.

Verein Deutsch Drahthaar

The German Breed Club for the Deutsch Drahthaar in Europe.

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Puppies & Rescue

Looking for a GWP to join your family ?

Is a GWP the right dog for you ?

Taking on ownership of a dog is a big responsibility, you will have to feed and care for them hopefully for 12-15 years. German Wirehaired Pointers are not the breed for everyone – there is a breed for everyone and it is essential that you look at what you are able to offer a dog and what you want/expect from a dog before deciding on the breed.

GWP Breeders

The best way to meet and understand the breed is to talk to experienced owners and breeders. They can help you understand the breed and if it is right for you.

This list is published as a form of advertising, the adverts are placed by individuals and are not necessarily ‘recommended’ by the GWPC.

The choice/decision and responsibility is entirely down to the purchaser.

Mrs B Stamp
Tel: 0151 2835041

Email Breeder

Mr R & Mrs M Geary
Great Harwood
Tel: 07510 686410

Email Breeder Visit Website

Peter & Maxine McCullough
St Helens
Tel: 01744 633724

Email Breeder Visit Website

Member of KC Assured Breeder Scheme (Since Aug 2005)

4 Accolades - more information on KC ABS Accolades

Miss S Pinkerton
Barrow Upon Humber
North Lincolnshire
Tel: 01469 532991

Email Breeder Visit Website

Mr & Mrs R Major
Tel: 01526 388616

Email Breeder Visit Website

Mr & Mrs G Kirkwood
Tel: 01563 524606

Email Breeder Visit Website

Types of Breeder

There is a formal breeder accreditation scheme run by the Kennel Club, the KC Assured Breeder Scheme (ABS). Breeders in this scheme are listed first and indicated on their profiles.

All breeders on this site are GWPC members and agree to follow the GWPC voluntary Code of Conduct.

GWP Puppy List

The GWP is a specialist breed, so there are only around 300 puppies bred each year in the UK.

Below are currently available litters advertised for sale.

The advertisers have undertaken they have followed the GWP health guidelines and general code of conduct for breeding.

If you wish to advertise a litter or as a breeder, please Email Gordon Kirkwood, the Puppy Co-ordinator

For details of requirements for listing a litter - Download Puppy List Application Form

GWP Health

The GWP is generally a very healthy breed. With the support of the GWPC we now have two mandatory health test requirements before a GWP can be registered with the Kennel Club.

Information on health tests and general advice below.

Hip Dysplasia
The GWP has a good record generally in terms of hip dysplasia, however to ensure this continues it is advised that both parents should be hip scored under the BVA/KC scheme and have values close to (ideally less) than the breed average. Hip scoring of parents is mandatory for KC Assured Breeders only at present.

DNA Test - VWD
Von Willebrands disease is deficiency in a specific blood clotting factor. Dogs with vWD are prone to prolonged bleeding when injured or after surgery etc. This is an inherited condition which can be avoided by breeding from unaffected dogs. Whilst relatively rare, this test is mandatory for KC Registration of puppies at the request of the GWPC.

Many GWP breeders conduct a number of other tests voluntarily, such as Elbow Dysplasia, Shoulder Dysplasia, Eye testing and Heart testing.

Details of all the various KC screening schemes, both veterinary and DNA, in the UK can be found at Kennel Club - Dog Health

If you would like to make the GWPC aware of any health concerns or for further information, please Email Maxine McCullough, the GWP Health Co-ordinator

GWPC Rescue

Have you considered a rescue GWP ? On occasion GWP's are in need of rehoming, some through no fault of their own.

If you have experience of the breed or dogs in general and can consider giving a home to an older dog, please consider helping out a rescue GWP.

If you wish to offer a rescue dog a home or simply get involved to help, please:

Join the GWPC Rescue Facebook Group


Email Jay, the Rescue Co-ordinator

Information to Help

If you want to research different breeds of dog and compare to the German Wirehaired Pointer, then the Kennel Club provide some useful information about puppies and dog breeds in general.

KC Guide - Getting a Dog

The KC has a great guide to all the things to consider when buying a puppy or taking on a dog

KC Breed Info Centre

The KC has an on-line Info Centre covering all Pedigree breeds.

KC Assured Breeder Scheme (ABS)

The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme promotes good breeding practice to force puppy farmers out of business.

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Get in Touch

Contact the Committee

If you wish to contact a specific committee member of the GWPC, simply click for contact details.

For all general enquiries and any other club information, please contact the GWPC Club Secretary, Rob Geary, as below: